Bruno Bozzetto’s Short Film “SAPIENS?” Premiere

Dec 11, 2023

Milan, Italy – Studio Bozzetto proudly hosted the exclusive premiere of Bruno Bozzetto’s new short film, “SAPIENS?” on December 11, 2023, at Cinema City Life Anteo. Produced in collaboration with Rai Kids, the 23-minute 2D/3D CGI animation, an original concept by Bruno Bozzetto, aims to provoke reflection on the term “sapiens” associated with humans exhibiting a penchant for violence, non-acceptance of diversity, and harm to nature, animals, and society.
The event featured esteemed guests including Bruno Bozzetto (author and director), Gianni Canova (film critic), Annita Romanelli (responsible for animated and live-action series production at Raikids), and Pietro Pinetti, Studio Bozzetto’s ceo and executive producer of the project, introduced the screening. Subsequently, film critic Gianni Canova engaged in a dialogue with Bruno Bozzetto about the film’s content and concept. The evening concluded with a screening of Bozzetto’s iconic work, “Allegro non troppo” (1976).
“SAPIENS?” unfolds through three stories set to the classical symphonies of Beethoven, Chopin, and Verdi, delving into human behavior toward nature and society. The chapters vividly explore themes of violence and non-acceptance of differences. The film serves as a thought-provoking critique of society, infused with Bozzetto’s trademark blend of intelligent and reflective humor.