Bruno Bozzetto wins “Mole Green Star Award”

Jun 3, 2024

Turin, Italy – We are very pleased to announce that next Tuesday, during the inauguration of the CinemAmbiente Festival, Bruno Bozzetto will receive the prestigious “Mole Green Star Award”. The award ceremony will take place at the National Museum of Cinema, located within the historic Mole Antonelliana, a cultural symbol of Turin.

The CinemAmbiente Festival, formerly known as “Movies Save the Planet,” has recently changed its name but continues to pursue the same goal: raising public awareness about environmental issues through the power of cinema. We are proud to see “Sapiens?”, produced by Studio Bozzetto, screened during the opening night. This new film by Bruno Bozzetto is a significant example of how cinema can contribute to reflection and change.

We are honored that Bruno is receiving the “Mole Antonelliana Green Star Award.” This recognition is not only an honor for him but also a tangible sign of the value the Festival places on animated cinema as a tool for ecological awareness. The CinemAmbiente Festival continues to be a beacon for sustainable cinema, promoting works that stimulate critical thinking and action for a greener future.

“Sapiens?” will also be screened throughout the Festival week at Cinema Massimo, along with a selection of Bruno Bozzetto’s classic short films. This initiative offers the public a unique opportunity to revisit some of his most representative works and reflect on the relationship between humans and the environment.