The Game Catchers

The tiny planet Flossy floats in a colorful universe populated by alien children of all kinds. Flossy hosts a very special place: the Game Catchers Headquarters! To help the Game Catchers in their mission… read more

Tip the Mouse

In the tiny corner of a meadow there is a small house. Here lives a tiny, whimsical yet funny mouse with his family. His name: Tip the Mouse. Here take place all the fascinating adventures that each childs… read more

Carolina e Topo Tip

Carolina Benvenga’s YouTube channel, in collaboration with Sony Music, offers a delightful series of baby dance videos for children. These enchanting videos feature Carolina and her talented young dancers…
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Here the extraordinary adventures of the Gilda and her unlikely team are told. They are dedicated to defending incredible and surprising beasts, legendary creatures with amazing features that, on their… read more

Expo Show

Expo Show, is an animated series of 24 episodes created by the collaboration of Milan Expo 2015, Disney Italy and Studio Bozzetto, directed by Salvatore Murgia, to present Foody and his friends. The series… read more

Bruno the Great

Bruno the Great is a tv series created by Bruno Bozzetto for Disney Channel in 2008. The main character, Bruno, is the average man stereotype. Every time he tries to imitate Hero, his antagonist, it ends up… read more

Signor Rossi

A middle-aged average little man, Mr Rossi is a cartoon character created in the 60s by Bruno Bozzetto, still one of the most popular animated character ever made in Italy. He has been featured in many… read more

Allegro non Troppo

“A cross between Fantasia and Yellow Submarine with a touch of Fellini”. Allegro non Troppo is a feature film made up by stories, in which famous classical musical pieces are visualized by highly qualified… read more

Vip – Mio Fratello Superuomo

A humorous takeoff on the classic “super-hero” stories, “Vip, mio fratello superuomo” pokes fun at the processes that lie behind advertising, politics and our consumer society. The VIPs are the descendants… read more

West and Soda

Bruno Bozzetto’s first feature film and one of the first Italian animation movie. West and Soda is both a satire of and a homage to that great film genre: the American Western. A sleepy desert town, the… read more