Mr Empathy

Fondazione Empatia Milano is the first italian Empathy foundation. FEM promotes cultural activities in the Milan area through events encouraging meeting, listening, and dialogue.

“Mr Empathy” has been premiered at the Pinacoteca di Brera in Milan in November 2017. Along with the video, we created the character of “Mr Empathy”, the little man that will be used for the foundation’s merchandising and communications.


Client: Fondazione Empatia Milano
Executive producer: Pietro Pinetti
Project supervisor: Bruno Bozzetto
Director: Andrea Bozzetto, Corrado Colleoni
Creative supervisor: Andrea Bozzetto
Art director: Corrado Colleoni
Animation: Animago Studio
Compositing: Fabio Bozzetto
Backgrounds: Nausicaa Dalla Torre, Davide Longoni
Music: Roberto Frattini
Line producer: Stefania Busca
Communication: Marco Vidale
Administration: Giusy Caldarini
Release: November 2017