The Game Catchers

The tiny planet Flossy floats in a colorful universe populated by alien children of all kinds. Flossy hosts a very special place: the Game Catchers Headquarters! To help the Game Catchers in their mission there’s Mr. Moustache, a nice alien, who has dedicated his whole life to studying games to teach them to new generations.

Every day, they go on a mission to explore each planet in the universe, make friends with its inhabitants and discover their favorite games. Each game is different depending on the planet and the Game Catchers want to discover them all!

Season 1

Format: TV Series, 52×7′
Director: Andrea Bozzetto, Branko Rakic
Art director: Corrado Colleoni
Style: Digital 2D Animation and 3D
Genre: Pre-school
Release: 2021

Season 2